"Cleaning Out"

“Cleaning Out”

Her locker,
number 103,
was nothing extraordinary—
cookie cutter houses down the row,
same windows, same door,
same blue aluminum façade,
same thick black lock that
never let her in the first time—
and the inside no different,
a black and white photo of a dog;
her brother, bowl-cut dangling
below his earlobes;
a green magnet, a man,
whose arms and legs bent up
at odd angles

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"Unspeakable Things"

“Unspeakable Things”

We were never so close
as when we curled
up in half-zipped sleeping bags,
nylon twisted around our toes,
heads piled on one pillow,
and whispered into the starlight.
The teacher will hear.

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"Now You See Me"

“Now You See Me”

He was well-versed in magic:
card tricks and
slights of hand
and an infinity of pocket scarves
tucked behind his eyes
red, yellow, purple, blue,
purple, blue,
but like every good magician,
his tricks were his own,
and none pushed, asked, pried,
only backed away,
he first imagined.
On with the hat,
out with the dove,
on and on,
on street corners,
on bar stools,
on armchairs…

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"Summer Deity"

“Summer Deity”

I’ve always liked those
in between
times, always
stuck deep in solstices and
high noons and midnights,
the day before the leaves
in orange-red-pink-green silence.
Deep breaths and dancing
in Pagan solidarity,
clasping hands and
closing eyes and
bowing head before the altar
of the moment-
trickling off my palm and
wobbling down the day.
But what Great Mother

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"If Ever You’re In My Arms Again" by Karen Alkalay

“If Ever You’re In My Arms Again” by Karen Alkalay

It never ends…
You break with a snakeskin lover
crawling, only looking forward
to a fresh pact, a clean

But it’s not a test:
No amount of examination avails
to know
for sure
that it couldn’t have been better
with him.

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"A Portrait of the Artist as a Freemason"

“A Portrait of the Artist as a Freemason”

Where the heart was, a domestic chasm, an abyss bridged by snow
As France, once great, collapsed into tourism and poetry
Behind the sublimity, obscene

Unable to command even the words useful to propose toasts
Having filled space beneath the zodiac with debris
And found the moon in its rounds merely vague

This is the town he has chosen to live out his time in:


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:3 http://wp.me/s3EDeb-3

Alternative Disney Couples

So there’s this. And it’s kind of really awesome. Super props to c2ndy2c1d.

You can find more work from c2ndy2c1d here (deviantart) and here (tumblr).

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Currently Reading: Don Quixote

Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes I’m glad to finally have enough time to read books again (and I do, actually, even though this is a book I’m reading for school).

"The stars at night are big and bright…"

“The stars at night are big and bright…”

Scientifically speaking, they’re no bigger than anywhere else,
but some places I see them more closely
epicenters of ripples that wind their way over and under the waterline,
pushing and pulling,
propelling each molecule forward, forward, forward

or else bowling balls
from an unfathomably distant ceiling, tethers withering and fraying and

but where dew rallies from the lungs of koi to…

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"Almost Alliteration": A One-Liner

“Almost Alliteration”: A One-Liner

I’ve been playing around with poems that can act as the namesake for this blog (other than the obvious sequence of Read.Write.Ride, and this happens to be the first thing I’ve come up with that I actually kind of like. Doesn’t fit the blog, but… 

Once she remembers to remember the resonance of morphemes meticulously matched, the syllables of his laugh against her smile don’t sound so sweet.

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